[01] Dance – Mata Hari by Ted Brandsen, Dutch National Ballet [Etcohod ]

Mata Hari by Ted Brandsen, Dutch National Ballet
Mata Hari
Choreography by Ted Brandsen
Libretto by Janine Brogt
Music by Tarik O’Regan
Dutch National Ballet
Dutch Ballet Orchestra
Matthew Rowe, conductor
Sets, Lights, Clement & Sanôu
Costume, François-Noël Cherpin
Mata Hari / Margaretha – Anna Tsygankova
Rudolph McLeod – Casey Herd
General Kiepert – Jozef Varga
Vadime de Masloff – Artur Shesterikov
Shiva – Young Gyu Choi
Temple Dancer – Wen Ting Guan
Frieda McLeod – Emanouela Merdjanova
Isadora Duncan – Erica Horwood
La Madame – Nadia Yanowsky
MC – Edo Wijnen
M. Guimet – Anatole Babenko
Lieutenant Ladoux – Roman Artyushkin
Aunts – Wendeline Wijkstra, Pascalle Paerel et Hannah de Klein
Uncles – Wolfgang Tietze, Peter Leung et Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair
Adam Zelle (Margaretha’s father) – Nicolas Rapaic
Live from De Nationale Opera on February 23rd

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