[58] Dance-Agwa choreography by Mourad Merzouki 2011 [Etcohod]

Agwa choreography by Mourad Merzouki. Lyon Dance biennial.

Choreography by Mourad Merzouki
Companhia Urbana de Dança

The encounter between the young cariocas of Companhia Urbana de Dança and hip-hop specialist Mourad Merzouki has given birth to an amazingly energetic choreography!
Agwa is a new show all about water, a symbol for life and renewal. Ten breathtaking young hip-hop dancers meet unexpected forms of music, reminiscent of Central Europe.
Mourad Merzouki harnesses this energy and shapes it into a spectacular and generous choreography. To be enjoyed without moderation.
Recorded at the Lyon Dance Biennial 2011
TV Director, Charles Picq
Genre : Danse
Length : 00:26:36
Director : Charles Picq

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