[54] Dance- Around the world in 80 minutes 2008 [Etcohod]

Le Tour du Monde en 80 minutes by Maurice Béjart, Béjart Ballet Lausanne

Le Tour du Monde en 80 minutes (Around the world in 80 minutes)
Maurice Béjart, choreographer
Béjart Ballet de Lausanne
Gil Roman, Artistic director

Original musical compositions by :
Thierry Hochst?tter & jB Meier (Citypercussion), Ilia Chkolnik, Stravinsky, Théodorakis, Vivaédi, Hadjidakis. Lebars, Mozart, Strauss,
Wagner, Ellington, Warren Harry, Tchaikovsky, Musiques traditionnelle chinoise, Tahitienne, Corée Pérou

Recorded on 2008 at the Palais des Sports de Paris
TV Director, Gil Amado
Genre : Danse
Length : 01:29:53
Director : Gilles Amado

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