[59] Dance-Boxe Boxe by M. Merzouki, Käfig company 2010 [Etcohod]

Boxe Boxe by M. Merzouki, K?fig company

Boxe Boxe
Choreography by Mourad Merzouki
Musical conception, Quatuor Debussy and AS’N
Music performed by Quatuor Debussy (Christophe Collette, Dorian Lamotte, Vincent Deprecq et Seok Woo Yoon)
K?fig Company

Lights, Yoann Tivoli,
Scenography Benjamin Lebreton
Costume, Emilie Carpentier

Rémi Autechaud, Guillaume Chan Ton, Aurélien Desobry, Magali Duclos, Frédéric Lataste, Mourad Merzouki, David Rodrigues, Steven Valade, Teddy Verardo

Performance and humour, playfulness and defiance, all in a single choreography!
True to its origins, Mourad Merzouki’s style retains the lyricism, punch and spirit of its urban roots.
It is also an ‘open window on the world’, revealing the scope of the choreographer’s artistic project.
With clenched fists and open arms!

Recorded on 2010 at the Biennale de la danse de Lyon
TV Director, Charles Picq
Genre : Danse
Length : 01:13:44
Director : Charles Picq

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