[23] Dance -Pinocchio choreography by Ivan Cavallari 2013 [Etcohod]

Pinocchio choreography by Ivan Cavallari. Opéra national du Rhin ballet

Choreography by IIvan Cavallari
Music, Enrico Melozzi
Conductor, Myron Romanul
Set, Edoardo Sanchi
Costume, Maria Porro
Lights, Jon Buswell
Tenor, Jean Christophe Born
Opéra national du Rhin ballet
Mulhouse symphonic orchestra

Once there was a piece of wood… Carved by old carpenter Geppetto, Pinocchio, a cheeky puppet with an unruly nose provokes all around him, as well as his fate. He is dispatched to the land of toys, where donkeys and young boys look alarmingly alike, and finally ends up in the belly of a sea monster… At the end of this initiation journey, his will and courage get the better of his wooden body, and he becomes a real boy.
Ivan Cavallari has kept in touch with the child in himself and brings to life the most salient episodes in the puppet’s story. The imaginative sets of Edoardo Sanchi and the music of Enrico Melozzi bring a new strength to Carlo Collodi’s tale.

Recorded at the Opéra National du Rhin January 31st and February 2nd 2014
TV Director, Stéphane Vérité
Genre : Danse
Length : 01:39:33
Director : Stéphane Vérité

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