[13] Dance -Romeo and Juliet Prokofievby by Petr Zuska [Etcohod]

Romeo and Juliet by Petr Zuska, National Ballet of Prague

Romeo and Juliet
Choreography by Petr Zuska
Music, Sergeï Prokofîev
Staged by Petr Zuska
Costumes by Roman ?olc
Lights by Pavel Dautovsk? and Petr Zuska

Choreographer’s assistants, Tereza Poda?ilov?, Alexej Afanassiev, Michaela ?ern?, Radek Vr?til

Orchestra of the State Opera
Conductors, V?clav Zahradn?k, Sergej Poluektov

Ond?ej Vinkl?t, Romeo
Marta Drast?kov?, Juliet
The National Ballet of Prague

Recorded on june and july 2015 at the Prague National Theater (N?rodn? divadlo)
TV Director, Sonia Paramo
Genre : danse
Length : 01:47:41
Director : Sonia Paramo

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