[33] Dance-Magifique Tchaïkovski Suites [Etcohod]

Dans une cherographie de
Thierry Malandain
Magifique Tchaikovski suites

Thierry Malandain pays tribute to Tchaikovsky’s three great ballets: The Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker. He gives a new life to them in an enchanted world where young girls don’t have any arms and where the Sugar Plum Fairy is a very mysterious man…

Dreams are the core of this ballet that brings us back to childhood: the choreographer’s childhood, whose early years were immersed in Tchaikovsky’s music. Tchaikovsky’s three ballets appear like dreams in two colours, sprinkled with mirrors, inhabited by nice insects and interspersed by nightmares in which monstrous creatures (beetles?) take possession of the stage. Because, if you think about it, a young girl who sleeps for a hundred years, humans kept in swans’ bodies and toys that come alive…

Tchaikovsky’s three masterpieces are fairy tales in the ballet universe. It is marvelous, it’s magic, it’s magnificent… as a child would say, “It’s magificient!”.

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