[20] Dance -The Nights (Les Nuits)

The Nights (Les Nuits) choreography by A. Preljocaj. Chaillot National Theater.

World-renowned French ballet company, Ballet Preljocaj, comes to Johannesburg with a cast of eighteen dancers to perform Les Nuits (The Nights) for the first time in South Africa. French choreographer Preljocaj explores One Thousand and One Nights with Les Nuits (The Nights). These tales contain some very sensual aspects, which the choreographer wished to represent through dance. What makes One Thousand and One Nights particularly captivating is the device established through the character of Sheherazade.

Angelin Preljocaj : Choreography
Natacha Atlas et Samy Bishai, 79D : Music
With Gaëlle Chappaz, Natacha Grimaud, Emilie Lalande, Céline Marié, Wilma Puentes Linares, Aude Miyagi, Nagisa Shirai, Charlotte Siepiora, Anna Tatarova, Patrizia Telleschi, Cecilia Torres Morillo, Yurie Tsugawa, Sergi Amoros Aparicio, Marius Delcourt, Sergio Diaz, Jean-Charles Jousni, Fran Sanchez, Julien Thibault

Jean-Marc Birraux : Realisation
Recorded january 11th 2014 at Théâtre de Chaillot
Genre : Danse
Length : 01:29:36
Director : Jean-Marc Birraux

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