[16] Dance -Romeo and Juliet by Thierry Malandain, Biarritz Ballet [Etcohod]

Romeo and Juliet by Thierry Malandain, Biarritz Ballet

Roméo et Juliette

choreography by Thierry Malandain

Music by Hector Berlioz

Recorded music

Symphonie dramatique, Op.17 – Hector Berlioz

Libretto: Emile Deschamps after the tragedy by Shakespeare

Catherine Robbin, mezzo-soprano

Jean-Paul Fouchécourt, tenor

Gilles Cachemaille, bass-baritone

Monteverdi Choir

Orchestre révolutionnaire et romantique

John Eliot Gardiner, direction

Published by Philips classics, cop. 1998



Daniel Vizcayo , Miyuki Kanei, Aurélien Alberge, Ione Miren Aguirre, Raphaël Canet, Olivier Coëffard, Ellyce Daniele, Frederik Deberdt, Cédric Godefroid, Aureline Guillot, Mathilde Labé, Fabio Lopes, Nuria Lopez Cortes, Silvia Magalhaes, Arnaud Mahouy, Nathalie Verspecht,

With ‘Roméo et Juliette’, Malandain builds on the music by Berlioz and fashions a modern tragedy with sharp insights. He artfully takes the story away form its historical context and its Shakespearean background. Romeo and Juliet are no longer romantic protagonists, they have become the emblem of a society which, throughout history, has been steeped in conflict. The quest for power rests on ambition, passion and desire.

The choreographer does away with any reference to time, makes no use of the theatre’s wings and devises all entrances and exits through the back of the stage, in an optical illusion designed to make the dancers look as if they are moving in and out of large chests, the only props on stage. These chests in turn become coffins, nuptial beds, pieces of luggage, architectural elements and mirrors, giving us an insight into the soul beyond the image.

There are no dancers, no characters on stage, only people. People fighting or trying to bond. They all struggle for life, defending their own modicum of elegance and dignity.

TV Director, Sonia Paramo (2013 – 80 mns)

Filmed at the Eugenia Theatre in San Sebastian
Genre : danse
Length : 01:17:27
Director : Sonia Paramo

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